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Founded in the Bernese Jura in the year 1904 as a watch manufacturer, SWIZA with its rich tradition specialized in desk clocks and became its biggest factory. In 2015 SWIZA “reinvented” the Swiss pocket knife, and therefore positioned itself in a new product segment.

Nowadays SWIZA is a casual lifestyle brand with real Swiss character for people in motion. Their mission: Practical solutions and Swiss quality at affordable prices for the little adventures of everyday life. For everybody, at every place, at all times.

The novel SWIZA pocket knive lays in your hand optimally thanks to its bent form and its soft but robust non-slip surface. The safety-locking blade as well as all tools are made from extra high quality stainless steel (440/57 HRC). The slightly bent form makes the tools easily accessible and thanks to the end-to-end blankings easy to open for both right and left handed people. The knife is dishwasher safe up to 80°C. Only a drop of oil needs to be put between the moveable parts after cleaning. Six models with 6, 11 or 12 functions in various standard colors and seasonal special editions are available.