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SOTO was founded 2010 and has won five highly sought-after industry prizes for their stoves and lamps since then. Among others, SOTO won the Outdoor Industry Award (2012 & 2013), Ispo Gold Award (2013) and Backpacker Editors Choice (2010 & 2011). The parent company Shinfuji Burner CO from Aichi, Japan, has built up knowledge about manufacturing different gas stoves for decades, which explains SOTO’s success. Highest safety and technical standards as well as relentless inspections stand behind every innovative SOTO product.

The gasoline stove Muka requires no long pre-heating and provides excellent burning power, and the Micro Regulator Stove which still works at temperatures as low as -5°C, are just two of many innovations. The high engineering standards of SOTO ensure products that are developed with precision down to the last detail. All SOTO products are 100% made in Japan.