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Light My Fire

“We sell fire” is the maxim of the Swedish outdoor equipment manufacturer Light My Fire. It all started with fire in 1995, when founder Michael Odqvist produced tindersticks. After creating the “FireSteel” for the Swedish army, businessquickly expanded for Light My Fire. Nowadays the family-owned enterprise fabricates many more useful products for the outdoor adventure lover.

The most famous item is the Spork, a mixture of a spoon and a fork, that became essential for lots of outdoor enthusiasts. Nowadays the spork is said to be a real classic. Available in a big variation of colors and sizes, it was sold over 30 million times all over the world.

In addition, Light My Fire produces various outdoor cookware, from plates to folding barbeque grills, as well as practical kits like the MealKit. All products (except for two articles and the kindlings) are manufactured in Sweden. World travelers, scouts, bushcrafters, hobby barbeque chefs and families all over the world took the colorful products to their hearts, and the accessories can get used in the wildernes just as well as in the city.