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Since 1970, AKU has been manufacturing comfortable, long lasting shoes for hiking, trekking and mountaineering.

The Italian company has a long-standing tradition as a family business, and relies on local production. All shoes are made exclusively in their own factories at two locations in Europe (Italy & Romania). This enables AKU full control over the manufacturing process and materials used.

AKU calls its own production “responsible”: Sustainable materials, short itineraries, durable products, independant coordination of the production and regional workplaces with high working standard are important for the company.

The Swiss Army has relied upon AKU for many years. It equips its troops with the KS 14 combat boot heavy and combat boot light models.

Other well-known models of the trekking, mountaineering and mountain inspired range include: Alterra, Rock II, Yatumine, and Bellamont.